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    les Norvégiens

    Finnish weather explained.
    +15 This is warm as it gets in finland so we`ll start here. People in spain wear winter-coats and  gloves. The Finns are out getting a tan.
    +10 The French are trying in vain to start their central heating. The Finns plant flowers in their gardens.
    +5 Italian cars won't start. The Finns are bathing their kids outside. 
    Distilled water freezes. The water in the rivers of Finland comes a little thicker.
    -5 People in California almost freeze to death. The Finns end their midsummer celebrations. Autumn is there!
    -10 Brits start to heat their houses. Finns start using long sleeves.
    -20 Norwegians fly south in the hope of warmer weather. Finns have their final barbecue before winter. 
    -30 People in Greece die from the cold and disappear from the face of the earth. The Finns start drying their laundry indoors.
    -40 Eiffel tower has become tiny from the cold and Paris starts cracking. The Finns stand in lines of the grills to buy ice-cream and chips. 
    -50 Polar bears start evacuating the North Pole. The Finnish army postpones its winter survival training waiting for real winter weather.
    -60 House of Santa freezes. The Finns rent a movie and stay indoors. 
    -70 All the fake Santas around the world move South. The Finns get frustrated since they can't store their vodka outdoors. The Finnish army goes on the winter survival training.
    -183 Microbes in food don't survive. The Finnish cows complain that farmers' hands are cold.
    -273 All atom-based movement stops. The Finns start saying "Perkele it's cold outside!"
    -300 Hell freezes. Finland wins the world cup in football. 
    ...so now you know.

    (© Iida Putkuri)




  • Commentaires

    Dimanche 13 Janvier 2013 à 19:47

    Very funny!

    J'me demande si je ne pourrai pas l'utiliser dans une activité avec mes élèves, tiens (qu'ils créent ensuite quelque chose de similaire sur un autre peuple ...)

    Soo-yun Profil de Soo-yun
    Dimanche 13 Janvier 2013 à 21:34

    pourquoi pas ! Si seulement je pouvais faire ce genre de choses en cours...--"

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